Dominican Marriage Fraudster Who Became NY Assemblywoman Sentenced, But NOT Deported, As Supporters Chant "Viva Nacion!"
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This story, and the video above, are about an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who committed marriage fraud—a sham marriage to an American citizen—and got caught. My headline Democratic NY State Assemblywoman A Dominican Illegal Alien Who Committed Marriage Fraud from , includes most of the elements that the MSM leaves out of headlines, such as party affiliation, country of origin, and immigrant status.

article-rosa-0627[1]What you need to know is that she has many fellow Dominicans who came to "support" her, took all the seats in the courtroom, chanted "Viva Nacion!" [that's not the Historic American Nation] and "scuffled" with the press.

That's what you need to know about immigration from the Dominican Republic. What you need to know about immigration enforcement in Obama's America is that according to the Daily News, Rosa's "citizenship status will not be affected by the conviction."

That's because, while she did commit fraud to get citizenship, she now has it, and it won't go away unless the immigration authorities take her to court—and there's no sign of them doing that.

VIDEO: Former N.Y. State Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa sentenced to year behind bars — hid income, had sham marriage to stay in U.S.

Rosa, the first Dominican-born woman elected to the Assembly, was sentenced Friday for immigration and bankruptcy fraud.

BY Barbara Ross


October 3, 2014

The first Dominican-born woman elected to the New York State Assembly was sentenced Friday to a year and a day behind bars for immigration and bankruptcy fraud.

Gabriela Rosa, 47, wept on a friend's shoulder as she left Manhattan Federal Court surrounded by supporters chanting, “Gabriela Rosa! Viva Nacional!”

U.S. District Court Judge Denise Cote, who locked reporters out of the courtroom after Rosa's supporters took every available seat, could have given Rosa, a first offender, no jail time.

Instead, she told her to report to federal prison Nov. 14 and tacked on three years' probation.[More]

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