Dog Bites Man. Immigration Bites American White Majority.
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"The Next Big Headline: Most Births Minority in 2011", wrote Ed Rubenstein in mid-2007. He was almost right: today's big headline is the Census Bureau's prediction, as AP put it: White Americans no longer a majority by 2042.

For the record, whites were almost 90% of the population in 1960.

It's odd how this story, which was already obvious from demographic trends when I published Alien Nation in 1995, is periodically discovered by the Main Stream Media. Didn't they listen to what I was saying?

It's also odd how completely the fact that this unprecedented transformation is entirely self-induced, through immigration policy, is glossed over. You'd think non-whites had suddenly started sprouting from the ground.

In this respect, CNN's story Minorities expected to be majority in 2050 was unusual. It quoted Dave Waddington, chief of the Census Bureau's population branch:

Waddington said the timelines are not written in stone. "It's a projection. And things like the baby boom generation couldn't be predicted." Major changes in policy affecting families and children, or a major policy affecting immigration, could have an impact on the expectations, he said.

VDARE.COM's emphasis.

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