A Real Anti-Immigrant Hate Crime
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A group of 30 racists beat three immigrants—to of whom had just proudly served their adopted country in Iraq— to near death, putting one in a coma, while yelling racial slurs at them.

Authorities are not labeling it a hate crime. The Southern Poverty Law Center, Barack Obama, and La Raza are not blaming the attack on Lou Dobbs. In fact, it hasn't gotten any coverage outside a few local media outlets.

You see the attackers were black and the victims were white. According to the New York Post, Russian immigrants Valentyn Olenyev and Boris Bukler were walking a female friend home to her car. When they heard a teenage girl (whose race has not been mentioned) screaming for help as she was being held by two black men

Olenyev told the NY Post,

"She was screaming, and all we did was look to help her. I got a bottle smashed over my head, and after that, I started fighting. But I got beat down.

"I was getting my ass kicked by 50 people."

Their friend called up Olynyev's brother Ivan who showed up to help them, and was immediately "pounded senseless by 240-pound Timothy Dixon, 23, who was swinging a metal baseball bat." He was knocked unconscious and "suffered multiple facial fractures and will require plastic surgery."

Authorities are not considering this a hate crime, even though mob were yelling "Hey, white boys, you're in the 'hood now!"

Other than the NY Post story, I have not been able to find a single media account of this incident outside besides a three sentence account in the Brooklyn Eagle that does not mention the race of the attackers or the racial slurs.

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