Does “Not Reporting Race” Really Work? Probably—Up To A Point.
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A friend of writes:

E—- A—- called to let me know that a conservative woman we knew in Stanford Young Republicans called him today. He brought up the black flash mobs, including the one in England. She gets her news from the Main Stream Media and thought that English people were rioting.

(Links added.)

This phenomenon fascinates me. How much are people really swayed by MSM Political Correctness—by, for example, its systematic mendacity about the race of criminals? I suspect a lot. Similarly, suppressing the truth about Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome really does lead to the cognitive dissonance illustrated by the anti-Southern commenter in the sanitized 2008 report of the Vietnamese immigrant who threw his children off an Alabama bridge:

“Another drunk rage-aholic male from the south? Why are we even surprized when the offspring of inbred #### smacks their wife or their kid…”

But only up to a point.’s motto:

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

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