"Do They Ever Catch Nigerian Con Men?" No, They Catch "Greenwich" Men
January 30, 2013, 10:37 PM
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The Deceptology blog has amusing optical illusions, magic tricks, and tales of fraud. This one, about a Nigerian con man, is about his deception, but there's another one embedded in it:

Do they ever catch Nigerian con men?

Patrick Bamboi Emuh.
Well, they did catch Patrick Bamboi Emuh.

Mr. Emuh, a very persuasive man from the UK, who may or not be Nigerian, called and emailed people all over the world, saying they had won a lottery or inherited money from a relative.He told his victims that before they could claim the money, they had to pay advance fees, taxes and handling charges. A "lawyer" might contact the lucky winners to help them get their money, or they might be asked to travel to the UK to work with various "businessmen".

Mr. Emuh earned over £788,297 (1.2 million U.S. dollars) with his business.

His mistake was getting caught carrying £10,000, which led police to check his bank account, which contained a huge amount of money that he said was from, um, a Nigerian oil business?[More]

The extra deception is at the end, in the headlines of the stories about this Nigerian immigrant fraudster, in but not from the UK: