Again, Again, And Yet Again
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My colleague Nicholas Stix, writing about Colin Powell, tells us that "In German, 'Gift' means 'poison.'"

It might be worth reflecting that to a German-tuned ear, "VDARE" sounds like "wieder," which means "again."

The current round of immigration talk in the nation's legislature reminds us that topics we have been thrashing out for years on this site are unknown, or startlingly novel, to most citizens, including most congresscritters.

Richard Nixon, who knew his way around politics pretty well, is supposed to have said something like: "You have to keep repeating yourself again and again and again.  When you are so sick of hearing yourself say something you think you may throw up the next time you have to say it, that's when the general public starts paying attention to it."

Again, and again, and again.

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