Diversity, Science, and Crime: Eric Holder’s DOJ Covers Up Massive Theft of Federal Science Funds by Employee of Racist, Black Morehouse College; School Has Agreed to Pay $1.2M to Buy Off Investigation
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Here’s what we know: A “former” employee of racist Morehouse College, the alma mater of black supremacist movie maker Spike Lee, stole so much NASA and National Science Foundation money that was earmarked (wink, wink) “to help Morehouse students enroll in scientific fields of study,” that racist Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has agreed to let the school repay $1.2 million, surely a tiny portion of the plunder, in exchange for the DOJ dropping its investigation.

“Prosecutors said a former Morehouse employee had used some funds for purposes not permitted by the grants, but prosecutors didn’t reveal further details.”

First of all, why was NASA giving Morehouse one penny “to help Morehouse students enroll in scientific fields of study”? There was no legitimate reason to be shoveling millions of dollars to a college for that purpose. Every student who enrolls in college has to choose what courses he is going to attend each semester, and what his major will be.

And given that this was a racially-exclusive federal program, it was both unconstitutional and in violation of federal civil rights laws.

Consider, as well, that given the extremely low percentage of blacks who have the requisite intelligence to do advanced work in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, and Morehouse’s low academic standards, the “program” was race-based graft; no more, and no less.

The unnamed (surely black) thief probably looked at the transparently phony rationale for the money; the fact that the John Doe calling himself Barack Obama had appointed an unqualified black man, Marine Corps pilot Charles F. Bolden Jr. (compare Bolden’s background to the qualifications of his white predecessor, chief engineer Michael Griffin), as per “Obama’s” hatred of the merit principle, and embrace of racial spoils) as the head of NASA, as signaling that it has become yet another black fiefdom; considered who held the White House under occupation; and figured, ‘Grab it, while the pickings are good.’

Second, since when does the DOJ get to “disappear” a major felony? It’s one thing if a businessman catches an employee stealing from him. The owner has the option of accepting indemnification from the thief, and not pressing charges, if he so wishes. But the same is not true of the people’s money. This is a public matter. The unnamed “former” employee likely stole millions, but Justice has covered up all the details. The Department of Justice is obligated to release all of the details, name the thief, prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, and recoup every cent that NASA gave Morehouse. That it is doing none of those things is surely because the thief is black, and Eric Holder is a racist, (part) black corruptocrat, just like his boss.

I don’t know what the bigger crime is, at this point: The Morehouse man’s embezzlement of federal funds, or the Holder Justice Department’s cover-up, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

This case is yet another example of what passes for “transparency” in the kleptocracy that is Obamaworld.

Instead of the feds shutting down the graft, they will keep handing it out, while Morehouse is going to spread it among yet more of its bureaucrats, purportedly as an enhanced security precaution.

Where incompetence and corruption are concerned, there is no learning curve … in The Diversity Zone.

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