"Diversity or Science: You Can’t Have Both"
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Jared Taylor has video called Diversity or Science: You Can’t Have Both.

It discusses the unscientific retractions that John Derbyshire covered in Unpersoning J. Philippe Rushton and the more general problems with modern science that Lance Welton called out in The Great Awokening Leading To The Great Retraction—And A New Dark Age For ScienceDr. Jess Wade—Another Minority Social Justice Warrior Pushing Science Into New Dark Age, Meet Adam Rutherford, Another Mixed-Race Enforcer Of The PC War Against Science, and It’s Official: Even Hard Science Entering New Dark Age.

In a recent TakiMag article, Theodore Dalrymple, a medical doctor, described an experience he'd had with a hospital administrator:

A hospital manager once upbraided me for not having filled my activity returns.

I admitted my guilt, but added that not only had I not filled in my activity returns, but that I was never going to fill in my activity returns.

“Why?” asked the manager, unused to such manifestations of resistance on the part of proletarians such as doctors.

“Because,” I said, “you can either have activity returns or activity. I opt for activity.”

I added that my decision was final and that I allowed no appeal against it. This was the last I ever heard of activity returns, and as far as I know the hospital did not collapse as a result of my refusal.

But no science professor or dean can say to a diversity administrator "you can either have diversity or science. I opt for science." He'd be instantly fired.

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