Diversity Disaster Trifecta for UVA Law
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August 07, 2012, 03:27 PM
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In recent months, the University of Virginia Law School has experienced a Diversity Disaster Trifecta.

First there was fake racial-profiling-by-police-victim Johnathon Perkins.

Then there was fake noose victim-turned-stalker Daniel Watkins.

Now it`s Josh Gomes, who just pleaded guilty to crimes arising from his attempt to BREAK INTO THE REGISTRAR`S OFFICE and "interrupt" the sending of his low grades to the New York firm he sought to work for.

That`s three, count `em, three, black UVA law students who`ve proven themselves unqualified for a spot in one of America`s most prestigious law schools, much less the practice of law.

How`d they get in? Well, duh.

What white applicants were kept out so that they could get in?

I`d love to break in to the admissions office to find out.