Diversity Disaster Trifecta for UVA Law
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In recent months, the University of Virginia Law School has experienced a Diversity Disaster Trifecta.

First there was fake racial-profiling-by-police-victim Johnathon Perkins.

Then there was fake noose victim-turned-stalker Daniel Watkins.

Now it's Josh Gomes, who just pleaded guilty to crimes arising from his attempt to BREAK INTO THE REGISTRAR'S OFFICE and "interrupt" the sending of his low grades to the New York firm he sought to work for.

That's three, count 'em, three, black UVA law students who've proven themselves unqualified for a spot in one of America's most prestigious law schools, much less the practice of law.

How'd they get in? Well, duh.

What white applicants were kept out so that they could get in?

I'd love to break in to the admissions office to find out.

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