Taxpayer University Degrees Just For Illegals:"National Dream University Launches With Help of UCLA"
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The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) is organizing special degree programs for illegal aliens, including illegal aliens outside of California. 

LA Weekly August 1, 2012  by Dennis Romero

College Just For Illegals? National Dream University Launches With Help of UCLA

Oh boy. Illegal-immigrant haters are going to love this one.

The UCLA Center for Labor Research along with the National Labor College have established a virtual school just for undocumented migrants — the National Dream University.

It's for those who live under the radar of official legitimacy: It will allow so-called Dream Act students (undocumenteds who pay in-state tuition and are eligible for financial aid) to take classes online:

Well, actually, Golden State Dream Actors are don't need as much help as folks from non-Dream Act states, where there's no in-state tuition.

The first class at National Dream University will strike a balance between out-of-state aspirants and those from California, says Kent Wong, director of UCLA's Labor College.

And they will be violating the Immgiration and Nationality Act by employing illegal aliens:
To that end, classes will only cost $65 a unit. And some students will be taught by undocumented master's graduates and Ph.D. candidates, Wong said.
And UCLA charges a lot more to other students, about $12,000 a student.  Out-of-state students pay over $22,000 a semester.  $65 a unit is a bargain.
I wonder what Claude Arnold, Special Agent-in-Charge of ICE Homeland Security Investigations, will say about illegal alien employees at UCLA?  Give him a call:  (562) 624-3800
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