Did Gay/MSM Nexus Derail Bachmann Campaign?
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She will be badly missed - and not just for looks

So Michele Bachmann is striking her colors. This is a tragedy for America.

With a NumbersUSA ranking of B-, she was easily the best in the field on VDARE.com’s key issue. Romney is a poor (and possibly unreliable) second best at C-. Rick Santorum (D) is a despicable Treason Lobby minion.

Bachmann’s campaign was notable for the extent to which she excited media hatred, resulting in wholesale application of the blackout strategy. This was even noticeable in the allegedly Conservative media, as I noted in Daily Caller Notes "Immigration Hawks" Dislike Perry (But Misrepresents Bachmann). And in the CBS GOP Debate scandal, in which the MSM was caught red handed scheming to suppress her (and Ron Paul) there was a significant event:  

Rick Santorum, with half of Bachmann's support, was given almost twice as much time as Bachmann.
  Why this kindlier treatment of equally evangelical-friendly Santorum? Could it be because he is a good-looking man? Gay activists notoriously dislike Santorum, but the merest glance at MSM comment threads show they really hate Bachmann.

As Peter Brimelow has noted

...there's a subtext to both the Bachmann and Ron Paul campaigns. Both have excited the enmity of small but deadly interest groups—respectively, gays and Zionists. …I don't know that there's any untapped force to balance the notorious ruthlessness of the gay lobby.
In the 2012 campaign, the GOP contenders seem to be heeding hidden forces – a sort of covert but paramount electorate.

It looks suspiciously as if politicized perversion is bidding to be one of them.

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