Did GAWKER's Extreme Anti-White Bias Propel Hulk Hogan Sex-Tape Posting?
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A younger Hogan, with some fansI typically come down on the side of free speech and the First Amendment, but Hulk Hogan's $115-million invasion-of-privacy victory against Gawker has me enjoying a bit of schadenfreude.

As a white advocate, I've done my share of slow burns while reading ultra-snarky anti-white commentary on the admittedly slick site.

As we pause to reflect on the verdict, it's hard to escape the conclusion that Hulk Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, represented just the kind of comically white buffoon they'd enjoy humiliating, with his blond mustache, huge muscles and goofy pro-Americanism. It's hard to imagine them posting a sex tape of Kanye West.

Hogan proved a disappointment with his unmanly groveling after being exposed using the N-word, via the usual secret recording. Gawker, meanwhile, comes to the table with some hypocrisy issues on free speech, such as enthusiasm for arresting climate-change skeptics. So maybe they deserve each other.

Still, it's not hard to see how the Florida jury reacted so negatively to the revolting testimony of the arrogant crew behind Gawker. I'm also not very persuaded that showing Hulk Hogan's penis is really such a vindication of the free-speech rights envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

The bad guys lost this round.

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