Dick Morris And The VDARE.com American Worker Displacement Index.
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Peter Brimelow wrote in recent appeal [Note: Give money!] that
"At VDARE.com, our Ed Rubenstein has been tracking immigrant displacement of American worker, by analyzing the federal government’s monthly employment data, since 2004. (It’s now at record levels). For the first time, we are starting to see reports of this phenomenon in the MSM."
An example of that is this from Dick Morris:

Americans Losing Jobs To Immigrants: The Political Impact – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert! By Dick Morris on September 8, 2014

If you listen to Dick Morris, you will see he's saying exactly the same things Ed Rubenstein has been saying, including these points:

  • Native-born American employment fell by 643,000 or by 0.53%
  • Immigrant employment rose by 659,000, or by 2.76%
For speech purposes he says 650,000, but they're the same figures, and he tracks it back to the beginning of the Obama era, as Ed does. (0:55 seconds)

And he points out that the immigration issue is two issues, the security issue (Obama useless on terrorism) and the jobs issue (Obama even more useless on the economy.) Morris doesn't reference National Data | August Jobs: American Worker Displacement Reaches Record High, September 5, 2014, but he doesn't have to—it's all there in the official government figures.

What I don't like about Morris's talk is what happens at 3:35 where he says that naturalized citizens and green card holders are just wonderful. ("God bless you!") Morris is now independent, but he used to be Clinton Democrat, and it shows.

A displaced American worker  doesn't  much care if the immigrant who took his job is legal or illegal. In fact, it may be worse, since if they're illegal, there's at least some hope of an ICE raid.


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