Deval Patrick Frustrated Over Immigration Question
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During a recent Boston Herald online chat between Gov. Deval Patrick and some Massachusetts voters, one of the questioners asked Gov. Patrick about his proposal to grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens.
Massachusetts Voter: Gov Patrick, you repeatedly advocate for illegal aliens. There are many American citizens struggling to keep their jobs and put their kids through college, yet you advocate for those who aren't even obeying the law . . . You are creating a sense of entitlement for an entire generation. Why can't you create a sense of hard work and independence? Perhaps rewarding those of us who work and pay taxes and not reward those who are breaking the law?
Great question. But the amusing thing is the way Gov. Patrick defended in-state tuition for illegals in CAPS.
Gov. Patrick: I have advocated that aliens who were raised here and educated in our public schools–AND ARE IN THE PROCESS OF STRAIGHTENING OUT THEIR IMMIGRATION STATUS– should pay the same tuition as the kids they graduated from high schools with.
Actually, there is no distinction in the proposed legislation between immigrants who have been here for years (and have been relying on state services for longer) and those who hopped the border yesterday. And being ”IN THE PROCESS OF STRAIGHTENING OUT” one’s legal status can consist of merely filing a bogus asylum claim, like Obama’s Aunt Zeituni Onyango, who lives comfortably in Boston at taxpayer expense.

I get lots of email from open borders fanatics who write IN CAPS, which is really an attempt to shout at someone through a keyboard, probably out of frustration. Facts can be frustrating things.

If Deval Patrick can get so flustered during an online chat, imagine how he is going to behave when he actually has to start campaigning on immigration in public this fall?

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