Deval is Magnanimous, But We Are "Small"
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Although he is a sitting governor, Deval Patrick is spending a lot of time campaigning for Obama's reelection. Let's hope he keeps it up.

Patrick recently took a shot at Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer over her tarmac confrontation with President Obama:

I’ll say generally the public everywhere doesn’t want our leaders to be small. They want us to be magnanimous and certainly on policy to work with each other.” [Brewer boils over after Deval’s comments, By Hillary Chabot And Chris Cassidy, The Boston Herald, February 28, 2012]

Deval, who is often given to self-congratulation, obviously thinks that he and Obama are "magnanimous" when they press for open borders while that those that work to defend our borders are "small." That pretty much sums up the attitude of our elites toward the rest of us.

Was Obama being magnanimous when he encouraged Univision viewers to "punish our enemies"? Was Deval Patrick being magnanimous when, as Deputy Attorney General, he sent FBI agents to Barbara Coe's home to harass her over Proposition 187?

“I had gone to the airport to welcome [President Obama]," Jan Brewer told the Boston Herald in response to Patrick. "He walked away from me—HE walked away from ME.”

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