Death of Detroit: Is Truth Unmentionable?
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Only one thing prevents me from saying I could not commend more strongly Nicholas Stix's blog American Thinker's Thomas Lifson Explains the Destruction of Detroit Without Once Mentioning "Race," "Black Rule," or "Diversity: the Headline.

It should simply have been American Thinker's Lifson Lies about the Reasons for the Destruction of Detroit. Because that is what he did.

Detroit's history from fantastic boom to squalid collapse in barely half a century resembles that of an exhausted Klondike mining district—yet the underlying impetus, the Auto industry, has in fact gone from strength to strength. Detroit has become a laughing stock in Europe—although possibly warming a Green's heart.

The truth is quite simple: huge prosperity attracted an immense influx of American blacks—whose habits of life made the city unviable. There are ways of dealing with this type of problem, but they were not adopted. But the reason why the Stix blog deserves applause goes far beyond this, though: he draws attention to the bizarre but increasing practice amongst the PC "Right" to waste everyone's time with huge articles discussing major social problems while evading the obvious causes.

California in particular attracts this genre: see Who killed California? The Neocons. Who killed California? The Neocons: (2) Who killed California? The Neocons (3)...and America too?

As I recently noted, the cause of these last two discussions, Jennifer Rubin, was subsequently rewarded with the plum "conservative" blogging perch at the Washington Post. However electronic space costs nothing. In acknowledgement of his intellectual vitality and originality, we look forward to Nicholas Stix appearing as a Washington Post blogger.

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