Talking While White, Con't: "NASCAR Driver Suspended”
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White DriverWhen I first saw the headline "NASCAR Driver Suspended Indefinitely", my first thought was, well, he must have said something racial.

But then I thought, "Anonymous Attorney, don't be so paranoid.  It could have been any number of things, like being accused of murder, stopped for DUI, failing to pay taxes, making an insulting remark about Christianity, caught with a prostitute or refusing to buy Girl Scout cookies."

Then I remembered that professional athletes don't get in trouble for that anymore.

You can be a black football player charged with murder, plead to obstruction of justice, and go on to play for a Superbowl team.

You can be a black basketball player charged with rape and go on to a successful NBA career.

But if you're a white NASCAR driver who says the "n-word", you are done. NASCAR driver Clements suspended for 'insensitive' remarks, Bob Pockrass, Sporting News, Feb 27, 2013

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