Derb On Hazony: Marxism, Liberalism, and Conservatism
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I don't have much taste for poli-sci theorizing, and I'm not sure I have ever, before today, read all the way through a 6,000-word article on the subject without taking a break for a cup of coffee, a check of my email, or a breath of fresh air. This piece at, title "The Challenge of Marxism,"  did it for me, though.

It's by Israeli political scientist Yoram Hazony, concerning whom we at VDARE have expressed mixed feelings in the past for his skittishness (some of us might prefer to say "cowardice") about race.

In this piece Hazony continues that policy of avoidance: the word "race" occurs only once here, in the sentence

Instead, [today's Marxists] disorient their opponents by referring to their beliefs with a shifting vocabulary of terms, including “the Left,” “Progressivism,” “Social Justice,” “Anti-Racism,” “Anti-Fascism,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Critical Race Theory,” “Identity Politics,” “Political Correctness,” “Wokeness,” and more.

"The Challenge of Marxism" is none the less well worth your time. If you can't face 6,000 words, John O'Sullivan has a good 1,000-word summary at National Review.    

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