Derb August Diary Follow-Ups: "Who's Alt-Right?" And Math Corner Solution
September 07, 2016, 07:57 AM
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Just a couple.

ONE: On the general — though not, of course, universal — irreligiosity of the Alt-Right, a reader wonders whether religious paleocons like Pat Buchanan and Tom Piatak count as Alt-Right.

Beats me.  I suppose we could just ask them.  Do they think they're Alt-Right?

Three or four years ago someone worked up a neat diagram showing all the different schools of thought in what was then called "neoreaction."  We need an updated version.

TWO: Solutions for my Math Corner brainteaser are here.  If you did better than Cardano, you did fine.

theoryA reader points out that you could continue the exercise all the way up to eighteens.  Indeed you could; but it gets really hard to do by eyeball after sixes.  More exactly, it gets hard for a while and then easier: figuring the probability of getting eighteen on a roll of three dice is not too challenging.

The theory underlying these numbers is buried somewhere in the vast, well-cultivated Theory of Partitions, which figured prominently in the recent movie The Man Who Knew Infinity.  There's a good basic introduction in Hardy & Wright's classic Theory of Numbers, Chapter XIX.

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