Deporting Rioters
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Via JihadWatch, I see that Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered foreign rioters to be deported, even if they're in France legally:

Sarkozy orders deportation of foreign rioters

PARIS, Nov 9 (AFP) - Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday issued orders for non-French rioters convicted in the wave of urban violence to be deported — a measure directed at youths of Arab and African background living in the high-immigrant neighbourhoods involved in the unrest.

Sarkozy told prefects, or regional governors, to apply the order to foreigners including those who have valid French residency visas.

Just a reminder: this common-sense, unobjectionable step was one which was not taken by the US Government (the first Bush administration) after the Rodney King Riots.

"At a Cabinet meeting today, Attorney General William P. Barr said nearly one-third of the first 6,000 [Los Angeles] riot suspects arrested and processed through the court system were illegal aliens, according to a senior Administration official. Barr has not proposed any special effort to have them deported, a Justice Department spokesman said." —Washington Post, May 6, 1992

[Quoted in Time To Rethink Immigration, June 22, 1992 ]

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