Mass Murderer Vang Gets Hard Time
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Many in Wisconsin surely sighed in relief today when Chai Vang, the mass-murdering Hmong immigrant hunter, was sentenced to life in prison with no parole. (Wisconsin has no death penalty.)

Judge Norman Yackel could have instead named a date when Vang would have been eligible for parole — unlikely perhaps given the terrible crime, but judges can be unpredictable. At least the families of the victims won't have to face the horror of parole hearings some time in the future.

Vang had been found guilty September 16 of shooting eight Wisconsin hunters and killing six, after a verbal disagreement about his trespassing on the property belonging to one of the hunters. The crime exposed the cultural chasm between Americans and Hmong, characterized by the nanny press as a result of racism, though the critical minds at VDARE.COM found insufficient assimilation to be at fault.

The trial's outcome demonstrated that mass murder can't be justified by multicultural excuses, at least not in heartland America. Even a liberal jury imported from Madison was shocked at Vang's testimony that the hunters deserved to die because they disrespected him.

As a final arrogant gesture after the trial, Chou Vang, the killer's sister proclaimed about her brother's crime that "he did it with pride", reminding Americans that not all cultures have the same values.

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