Denmark Sending “Migrant” Criminals To Prison In Kosovo, To Be Deported To Their Home Countries After Sentence
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More good immigration news has landed from Europe. As England did two weeks ago, Denmark has inked a deal with another country to deport “migrants.” Kosovo has agreed to refurbish an old prison, where the criminal “migrants” will serve their time [Denmark to ‘outsource’ inmates, RT, April 27, 2022].

Here’s the plan, RT reported:

[I]nmates who are not Danish nationals will be serving sentences meted out by Danish courts in a prison located in the Kosovan city of Gjilan. The penitentiary facility will, however, first have to be refurbished so that conditions in there are in line with those found in Danish jails. …

The accord signed on Wednesday was preceded by a preliminary agreement between Copenhagen and Pristina in December 2021. The BBC reported at the time that Denmark would shell out €15 million annually for an initial period of five years. On top of that, Copenhagen will reportedly help Pristina develop green energy in the Balkan region in exchange. …

[T]he agreement “sends a clear signal to foreigners from third-party countries who have been sentenced to deportation” that their “future is not in Denmark and therefore you won’t serve your sentence here.”

And best for the Danes, once the criminals have served their sentences, they “will be deported back to their countries of origin.”

The deal is similar to England’s with Rwanda, except that one will deport illegal aliens, not just criminal aliens, who landed in the country after January 1.

Meanwhile, President Brandon and his Homeland Security Chief are breaking U.S. immigration law to keep illegal-alien criminals in the United States.

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