Democrat-Permitted Mobs As Modern-Day Turbas: Agents Of A Repressive Anarcho-Tyranny
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The current riots being permitted and encouraged by Dem mayors and Govs resemble the "turbas divinas" of the Sandinistas in the 80s. The local GOVERNMENT isn't beating you or burning your store, it's just not arresting anyone.

Dave Kopel described government-controlled youth mobs (turbas divinas in Nicaragua in 1987:

In Nicaragua however, many Americans cannot see who the heroes are, and who the bullies are. Government-inspired youth gangs called Turbas Divinas (divine mobs) regularly brutalize the peaceful opposition in Nicaragua. One victim was the dissident Father Bismark Carballo. Posing as a parishioner in need of counsel, a young woman went to Father Carballo's house. A few minutes later, a Sandinista security agent, posing as the woman's husband, arrived Father Carballo's house, and supposedly caught the Father in flagrante delicto with the woman. The police arrived, and forced Father Carballo to undress. A turba mob, conveniently waiting outside, dragged Father Carballo naked and bleeding through the streets while Sandinista television cameras (also coincidentally in the neighborhood) filmed the whole thing. From a nearby van, Interior Minister Tomas Borge and Security Chief Lenin Cerna orchestrated all the players.

The government uses the Turbas frequently, especially to break up opposition political rallies. When Turbas Divinas sacked the headquarters of Alfonso Robelo's Nicaraguan Democratic Movement, the Sandinistas censored all news of the event. No wonder Robelo, like many other leader of the revolution against Somoza, concluded that armed rebellion against the Sandinistas was essential. Today, the Sandinistas make promises for Western consumption, about how the political process will be opened up. Then Daniel Ortega promises that when opposition politicians face the streets, they will have to face the turbas. [Emphases added.]

This is the kind of tactic that Matt Yglesias sympathized with when it happened to Tucker Carlson in 2018:

See Steve Sailer's Yglesias Sympathizes with Terrorizing Tucker Carlson's Four Children.  "MAGA-inspired violence" is almost all imaginary, although I think Yglesias may have included illegals fearing deportation in that.

This is amazing when you think that this was Yglesias's fantasy in 2016, when Trump beat Hillary in a debate:

Angry mobs are beating and murdering with impunity, but they're not white Trump mobs; they're Matt Yglesias's mobs.

A turba (local blacks) came to "protest" a white judge who sentenced a corrupt black judge in 2019. It's seriously illegal to do that to a judge, but I doubt if anyone went to jail.

Of course, while this is new to most Americans, it's nothing new to the Dissident Right.

The essence of a Turba is that it supports the government, and the government plays along by not arresting the mob. We saw that in 2016 at Trump rallies in Democrat-ruled cities.

Authorities looked the other way during lynchings, pogroms, anti-Civil Rights Movements riots like the Mother's Day, 1961, incident in Anniston, AL, and more recently, Crown Heights, 1991.

The Anniston incident (the white Chief of Police said his police weren't in position to enforce the law because most of them were visiting their mothers) is one of the reasons the Federal Government passed a law against "Deprivation of Rights Under Color Of Law" which not only includes direct police action, but DELIBERATE police inaction.

Several Mayors can and should be prosecuted.



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