Dem Analyst David Shor: "Latino Outreach Is Probably Negative" For Democrats. Should He Be Fired, Like A Republican Would Be?
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A brief exchange on Twitter (archived here, just in casel)

Kevin Collins: ("Practical political science in service of progressive politics. Cares about participation, identification, & visualization. Also food and drink.")

Ugh. " Drawing on three survey experiments, from two elections, I demonstrate that as White Democrats learn about Democratic outreach to Latinos, they become less supportive of Democrats." Be better, White Democrats.

The paper Collins is linking to is The New White Flight?: The Effects of Political Appeals to Latinos on White Democrats,by Mara Cecilia Ostfeld, Political Behavior, April 28, 2018. In spite of Collins' appeal to "White Democrats" to "Be better", white Democrats are frequently working-class patriots whose jobs and neighborhoods are menaced by mass immigration.

David Shor ("Senior Data Scientist at Civis Analytics. I try to elect Democrats") replies:

Given that there are six times as many white voters as Latino voters, that does suggest Latino outreach is probably negative EV

Negative EV is negative enterprise value—i.e. a losing proposition.

I could have told you that—I did. Steve Sailer could have told you that—he did. Peter Brimelow could have told you that—he did. We were all decried as racists. (See's archive on GOP Share of the White Vote.) When Donald Trump made this a winning electoral strategy, he was decried as racist.

Are these two guys racists as well? Which one should be fired? I assure you that a Republican who said appealing to Latino voters is negative would be.


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