Defy The Foul Megaphone! Roy Moore REMINDS ME OF PIERRE TRUDEAU!
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On December 7, in “Blessed Are Ye, When Men Shall Revile You”—Roy Moore vs. Christophobia And The Homosexual Lobby, I pointed out that Google showed only 12,000 results for "Roy Moore" + Christophobia, in contrast to 1.21 MILLION results for "Roy Moore" + pedophile.

Now (December 11, 7:14 pm ET) "Roy Moore" + Christophobia still shows only 13,200 results, a good few of them on my article and repostings, whereas "Roy Moore" + pedophile shows 1.57 MILLION results.

What's especially arresting about this is that, even if the two significant accusations against Moore are true, he's still not a "pedophile," defined as sexual attraction to prepubescent children, which absolutely no-one has alleged. Here's another churlish MSM admission:  IS ROY MOORE A PEDOPHILE? PEOPLE ATTRACTED TO TEENS ARE EPHEBOPHILES BUT IT'S JUST AS BAD, by Dana Dovey, Newsweek, November 16, 2017.

Of course, it's not "just as bad"—it's legal, the age of consent in Alabama is 16. Mysteriously, right at the time that it has imposed homosexual marriage, CultMarx Central is apparently pathologizing heterosexual relations (in Moore's case, reportedly chaste) between older men and teenage girls. Yet it is universal in human history.

For example, Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was much-celebrated for such relationships (certainly not chaste). He ultimately married a woman 29 years younger than himself—and at 71 fathered a child with a 36-year old lawyer, Deborah Coyne .[Coyne, Trudeau: Strange bedfellows indeed, by Margaret Wente, Toronto Globe and Mail, January 15, 2013]

But this Google disproportionality is evidence of what it is to control what Steve Sailer calls The Megaphone. exists, to paraphrase King Lear, to defy the foul Megaphone.

As I said in my earlier article: a Roy Moore victory in the December 12 Alabama Senate race will be even more revolutionary than Donald Trump’s 2016 capture of the Presidency.

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