“Defendants”, “Men”, “Rhode Island Group,” “11,” And Other Curious Headline Words For Violent Black Nationalists Who Shut Down I-95
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Image via ZeroHedge

A violent, armed and ready-for-race-war black militia called Rise of the Moors got into a standoff with Massachusetts police the other day, but it would be hard to tell from scanning the headlines.

The New York Times has them as “11”:

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The Washington Post has them as “Men”

The Boston Globe has them as “R.I. Group”

Finally, this person is under the impression that the "Moors" were white, because presumably,  if they were black, the news media would have said so:

Militia activity is hard to prosecute since it's generally legal to 1) own firearms and dress up in fatigues 2) be a member of radical group and 3) hang out together shooting and being radical, but Rhode Island does prohibit paramilitary training where the intended result is "civil disorder."

And I guess if you're blocking the highway with the flag of Morocco, that's pretty disorderly.

Massachusetts, meanwhile, prohibits "subversive organizations."

Has anyone asked Jen Psaki about the Rise of the Moors? 


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