Debbie Schlussel on the Somali Sex Ring etc.
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A belated admiring link to a very powerful Debbie Schlussel blog about the just-busted Somali immigrant sex ring (and assorted other Somali criminal activities). Somalis have been a VDARE.COM interest for years. For some reason, Debbie wasn't on our blog roll, so we just added her.

I remember arguing against Bush I's post-election exit-therapy incursion into Somalia during my tenure as a Senior Editor at National Review, on the grounds that the net effect would be a refugee influx into the U.S. Then word came down that Bill Buckley had decreed the magazine should support it. Of course, the incursion ended in the Black Hawk Down fiasco—and lots of Somali refugees. Rich Lowry said nothing (not that I remember him ever saying anything, or writing anything for that matter), obviously a wise career move.

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