Debate Tweets: Toddlers With Guns, Amnesty (!!!), Etc.
October 19, 2016, 07:41 PM
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Here's Hillary talking about gun control:

How do "toddlers" get guns? Well, here's something Charlton Heston said during the previous Clinton Administration:

"When a 6-year-old in a crack house finds a stolen gun and shoots his schoolmate, the president doesn‘t demand gun theft prosecution or busting drug dealers — he demands safety locks."
Of course, Heston didn't mention either child's color, but the shooter was black, the victim was white.

Poller Frank Luntz seemed to think Trump was doing a great job:

Hillary's "experience" is an awful lot like a criminal record—I don't mean the actual crimes, more the awfulness of her foreign policy.

Diana West noted Hillary isn't even bothering to lie on amnesty:

And Trump impressed Ben Shapiro, not a raving Trump fan at all:

Here's Michelle Malkin on the Project Veritas revelations Steve Sailer blogged on:

And finally, a Tweet from Mormon anti-Trump candidate Evan McMullin, with's tweeted reply:

It's quite likely that many of the fraudulent votes were Somali—that's the kind of thing you only hear here at