David Brooks: "House Republican Caucus Is Close to Ungovernable"
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With awareness of Paul Ryan’s Wisconsinan naivete about immigration policy * suddenly threatening his ascent to Speaker of the House, David Brooks complains in the NYT:

The House Republican caucus is close to ungovernable these days.

Personally, I was under the vague impression that in a Constitutional republic, we elect members of the House of Representatives to govern, not to be governed.

Of course, a text search does not find the string “immigra” in Brooks’ column.

* In the early 1990s I visited the Milwaukee fairgrounds on the lakefront a couple of times for various festivals. I recall being struck by how African Americans made up a large percentage of the partiers at the festivals, but a small percentage of the workers. Most of the work seemed to be getting done by Mexicans.

A continuing theme in my blog is that Milwaukee and Madison have, on average, close to the worst blacks in the country. Most Northern cities’ blacks are the descendants of people who left the South in the 1940s and 1950s for jobs in the North. But Wisconsin’s blacks tend to be the descendants of people who left Mississippi in the 1960s and 1970s for welfare in social democratic Wisconsin.

It’s only natural for Wisconsin whites like Paul Ryan to see Mexicans as better than blacks and thus want more of them in order to demographically swamp the African-Americans who have made life miserable for Wisconsin whites. But it’s also natural for Republicans further from the Canadian Border to be less naive about the poorly thought-through social engineering emotions of Wisconsin politicians.

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