David Aguilar Establishes No-Go Zones For CBP
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David Aguilar, the Mexican Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, recently joined John Morton in establishing his own amnesty for illegal aliens.  

He established No-Go Zones for Border Patrol Agents and Customs and Border Protection Officers, essentially amnestying illegal aliens who frequent a whole series of institutions, including some institutions that illegal aliens are prohibited from attending.  From the Treason Bar:

ILW.com February 22, 2013
News: CBP Issues Memo on Enforcement Actions at Community Establishments
The presence of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers and Agents conducting enforcement activities at or near schools, places of worship, and certain other community locations has been a sensitive issue. Accordingly, careful consideration and planning must be undertaken, as outlined herein, in relation to enforcement actions conducted at or near these establishments.
The following establishments should be considered to be within the context of this policy:
  • schools, including pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, post-secondary schools, vocational or trade schools, and colleges and universities;
  • places of worship, including places where funerals, weddings, or other public religious ceremonies are taking place;
  • community centers; and
  • hospitals.

Of course, Aguilar has no authority to restrict the enforcement of the laws of the United States, nor does he have the authority to create a medieval-inspired sanctuary for law breakers.  Especially since attendance by aliens at all schools in the United States is specifically prohibited unless that alien is in a classification authorized to attend schools, such as legal permanent residents, asylees, refugees, and aliens admitted in the non-immigrant classification F-1.  

More egregiously, Aguilar establishes his sanctuary at many institutions that are specifically engaged in alien smuggling and visa fraud, such as fly-by-night trade schools and unaccredited colleges like Tri-Valley University, Herguan University, and the University of Northern Virginia.  

We also know that hospitals are magnets for illegal aliens seeking free medical care.  The Border Patrol staking out Parkland Hospital in Dallas itself would cause thousands of illegal aliens to flee the country.  

Add in community centers and Aguilar just about eliminated the ability of CBP to enforce immigration law in the United States.  Obviously this is a coordination with ICE and the Obama Regime to end immigration enforcement inside the United States.

Aguilar states that there are exceptions to this order, but given the high level of approval necessary for any action near these institutions, Officers and Agents know not to waste their time seeking exceptions. 

When CBP enforcement actions or investigative activities are likely to lead to an apprehension at or near such locations, written approval by the Chief Patrol Agent, Director of Field Operations, Director of Air and Marine Operations or the Internal Affairs Special Agent in Charge is required. The Deputy to these offices may approve the inspection of records, preliminary investigative activities, and similar activities at these locations where apprehensions are not likely to be made.
It is clear that this is an overt hands-off order as part of the ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.
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