Amy Chua's Fujianese: Deplorable People
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As Steve Sailer noted in Amy Chua: Tiger Mother — Or Market-Dominant Minority?, despite the huge discussion of her recent book,

Google News finds 1,570 recent news articles about "Amy Chua". Yet only two of those go on to mention the crucial term she coined in World on Fire–"market-dominant minorities"–to describe groups like her own Overseas Chinese and Ashkenazis in Yeltsin’s Russia.

This concept is important not least because as Craig Roberts has pointed out

The disproportionate success attained by market-dominant minorities foments ethnic hatreds

Many no doubt felt no pleasure learning that

Chua notes that her Chinese-Jewish-American children represent "an ethnic group that may sound exotic but actually forms a majority in certain circles, especially in university towns."

What are the causes of the success of these minorities? Intelligence, yes, determination, yes — but Chua uncovers another in boasting about her family origin in Fujian province

"which is famous for producing scholars and scientists". Traditionally, Fujianese led in the mandarin civil service exams and today in China’s college admission test.

What Fujian ought now to be famous for, as I noted two years ago, is outrageous involvement in scandalous international prostitution activities. An expose published by the U.K. newspaper The Guardian 'It is down your street and in your lane' Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy 11 October 2008 reported

Fujian is the centre of Chinese people trafficking

and estimated that more than 4,000 young Chinese are in effect enslaved in the brothel system in Britain

I concluded:

What is really alarming about this story is that the team went to Fujian (which, they point out, is actually one of the wealthier provinces in China) to find - utter indifference. The only thing of interest to the locals was money… one has to ask: if they treat people from their own province like this, how can they be expected to treat the rest of us, given the chance?

The evidence is… Chinese culture is morally flawed, and living with too many of them is going to be a problem.

Of course, exactly the same Chinese prostitution racketeering is doubtless happening in America, only on a bigger scale. But with criticism of Immigration being so un-PC, the MSM will not investigate.

The general no doubt intellectually unsophisticated response to Chua’s child-rearing revelations appears to have been that they reflect a morally depraved — dare I say unChristian? - attitude.

Vox populi, vox dei.

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