D. A. King on Homeland Insecurity
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The President this morning speaking of the "War on Terror" to an audience at the FBI Academy in Quantico Virginia:

"To protect the American people, we continue to take extraordinary measures to defend the homeland. We created a new Department of Homeland Security. We're posting Homeland Security personnel at foreign ports and strengthening airport and seaport security. We're instituting better visa screening for those entering the United States.

We're working to prevent potential terrorists from coming across our borders and violating our immigration laws…"

I am an American citizen who does not depend on the MSM for my view of the world, and someone who has been to the Arizona- Mexico border twice in the last year.

This is nonsense at best.

Illegal immigration has increased since 9/11.

I am personally acquainted with many families who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens since then.

Border Patrol Agents tell a very different story than the Chief Executive.

Bush today:

"Our enemy is constantly studying our defenses and adapting its own tactics, so we must constantly strengthen our


The enemy is constantly studying our defenses. And we must certainly strengthen our capabilities.

When I say it, I envision actually having a secure border and enforcing our immigration and employment laws.

When Bush says it, he means that he will not do any of those things because it may cost corporate North America a couple of points on the quarterly report…but is sure sounds good in a speech.

President Bush is in violation of his oath of office. Where is the MSM on this?

President Bush is as much at fault for any future terrorist attack on the America he swore to protect and defend as Osama Bin Laden.

To North America Inc. of which Bush is the current head errand boy, the deaths of Americans that occur as result of our intentionally un-secured borders are merely a part of the price of doing business.

Why does this not represent sufficient " high crimes and misdemeanors?"

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