Cuckservatives Fall For Extremely Fake News About MAGA-Hat Wearing Schoolboys—Like They Always Fall For Anti-White Fake News
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dana-gould-boys-threatsThe story about Maga-Hat wearing boys harassing a Native American protester is turning to be EXTREMELY Fake News.

How fake? This fake (all links from Gateway Pundit today):

Nathan Philips, an apparently genuine American Indian, turns to have a history of harassing people, and then claiming harassment. Here he walked up, during some kind of "indigenous" protest (which is to say a race-based march of the kind white people aren't allowed to have) to some young people and started drumming in their faces. They peacefully stood their ground, and have received hatred and death threats.

Here some reactions from people who can see:


Here is weepy cuckservative Jay Nordlinger's original reaction:


Here's him immediately getting dragged for using the wrong terminology for the presumed victim of the MAGA-hatted youths:


Here's his climbdown tweet:

As noted by Gateway Pundit, above, NRO had to delete not just Tweets, but an actual article, saying (archive link)

The Covington Students Might as Well Have Just Spit on the Cross
By Nicholas Frankovich

January 20, 2019 2:55 AM

It appears that most of the teenagers in this video are from a Catholic high school near Covington, Kentucky, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. They mock a serious, frail-looking older man and gloat in their momentary role as Roman soldiers to his Christ. “Bullying” is a worn-out word and doesn’t convey the full extent of the evil on display here.

For some of us, the gospel stories of Jesus’s passion and death are so familiar we no longer hear them. The evangelists are terse in their descriptions of the humiliations heaped on Jesus in the final hours before his crucifixion, the consummate humiliation. Read the accounts again or, if you’d rather not, watch the video. The human capacity for sadism is too great.[More]

The is absolutely mental, but the capacity of cuckservatives to believe evil of white people is nothing new, as we saw in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, the Baltimore Riots, and the Ferguson Riots. The most obvious case was when Rich Lowry (who fell for it just yesterday) wrote about the Zmmerman/Martin case that “Al Sharpton is Right.” [NRO, March 23, 2012, not deleted.]

More about credulous cuckservatives below:

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