Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens Are Remembered on House Floor
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Above, Rep. Brooks listed some of the many preventable deaths caused by illegal aliens in the US.

Rep Mo Brooks (R-AL) took to the House floor on Tuesday to speak about the crime victims of illegal aliens, a subject that never gets enough attention. America has plenty of home-grown criminals and doesn’t need to import more via open borders.

One of the crimes was familiar, the deaths of Alabama residents Tad Mattle and his girlfriend Leigh Anna Jimmerson who died when Tad’s car was rear-ended by a drunk-driving illegal. The killer was a repeat offender (pictured in the inset of photo at right) who should have been deported after several DUIs but wasn’t.

Here’s the text version of Rep. Brooks’ speech:

Brooks Slams Democrats in House Floor Speech for “Aiding and Abetting” Illegal Alien Killers January 15, 2019, Press Release

Washington, DC — Tuesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) delivered a passionate House Floor speech describing the lives and deaths of people killed on American soil by illegal aliens and challenging Democrats in Congress who protect illegal aliens to, instead, help protect American lives.

The full text of Congressman Brooks’ speech follows:

Mr. Speaker, in 2018, more than 2,000 illegal aliens were apprehended by federal law enforcement officers for homicides committed on American soil.

That is roughly 2,000 dead in just one year!  And that does not count some number of the 70,000 Americans whose lives are snuffed out each year by poisonous drugs, much of which is shipped illegally into America across our porous southern border!

Americans would know about these horrific killings if the media diverted just a fraction of the time it spends on extolling illegal aliens and attacking our brave border patrol and ICE officers and agents to telling the stories of American lives needlessly ended by illegal aliens.

Today I share a few stories about those who died solely because of illegal aliens and our porous southern border.

Louise Sollowin was a beloved mother, wife, and grandmother. Louise spent 50 years helping her sister fire up the oven at Omaha, Nebraska’s Orsi’s Italian Bakery, where she worked well into her 80s.

In 2013, after 93 years of life, Louise was brutally raped and beaten to death by an illegal alien. To make matters even more horrific, Louise’s daughter found her bleeding, battered and dying mother with a naked illegal alien passed out on top of her.[1]

In 2010 in Houston, Texas, 14-year-old Shatavia Anderson, was shot in the chest and killed by two illegal aliens. Shatavia loved her family and loved talking on the phone. She proclaimed that one day she was [quote] “gonna be somebody.”[2] [end quote]  Shatavia was robbed of that dream by illegal aliens.

In July 2018 in my home town of Huntsville, Alabama, two drug cartel related illegal aliens took Oralia Mendoza and her 13-year-old granddaughter, Mariah Lopez, from their home in the dark of night. Oralia was stabbed to death while her teenage granddaughter, Mariah, was forced to watch. Later, and in order to eliminate a witness, the illegal alien drug cartel members then beheaded Mariah and abandoned her body in the woods. Mariah’s decaying body was not found for weeks. Mariah was a special needs student at Challenger Middle School. Her teachers described her as a [quote] “sweet little girl” who “had a lot of friends.” [3] [end quote]

I have a Washington staff member, Michaila Lindow, who well-remembers being baby-sat as a young child by family friend Tad Mattle.

In 2009 in Huntsville, Alabama, then 19-year-old Tad Mattle was driving home with his girlfriend from a church social. While stopped at a red light, an illegal alien who was fleeing the scene of yet another crime, and whose blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit, rear-ended Tad Mattle’s car. This illegal alien had three prior DUIs. Tad Mattle’s car exploded on impact, tragically killing Tad Mattle and his girlfriend.

Tad, the oldest of 3 children, enjoyed making music and served as percussion leader in the Grissom High School Marching Band. Three days before he was killed, Tad was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where he planned to pursue an engineering degree.[4]

Mr. Speaker, each of these horrific deaths have one thing in common. None of these lives would have been stolen from us but for illegal aliens aided and abetted by Democrats who protect, promote and prefer the lives of illegal aliens to the lives of American citizens.

Mr. Speaker, these killings on American soil will continue if America does not secure our porous southern border.

As for those who support amnesty and open borders: how many American lives and dreams must be snuffed out by illegal aliens before Washington has the guts and integrity to secure our porous southern border?

How many dead Americans does it take before you will start saving lives rather than aiding and abetting those illegal aliens who take them?






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