Crime Victim Dad Fights California State Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens
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Don Rosenberg has been a tireless voice for immigration enforcement since his son Drew was killed in a San Francisco traffic crash by an illegal alien Honduran in 2010. Killer Roberto Gallo struck Drew on his motorcycle and ran over his body several times. The charge was initially vehicular homicide, but was reduced to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. Time served by the killer was only 43 days and it took two years to get him deported back to Honduras.

Below, Don holds a picture of his late son, who was only 25 when he was killed by an illegal alien.

So it’s not surprising that Rosenberg was infuriated by California Governor Jerry Brown’s signing of a bill declaring the entire state to be a sanctuary zone, at least partly to insult President Trump’s tough immigration enforcement.

Rosenberg appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to discuss the unlawful sanctuary state designation and how he intends to fight it, namely with an initiative to be put before California voters.

Sanctuary is a policy against public safety which is supposed to be government’s top job — although Democrats don’t value it. To that point, Rosenberg observed, “In 2016, there were over 52,000 illegal aliens in prison, and collectively they committed about 400,000 crimes, not all in 2016, That’s a major, major problem, and they need to do something about it.”

You can check out Rosenberg’s initiative at, although a citizen shouldn’t have to go to such lengths to make a state obey federal law — that’s Washington’s job. Where is Attorney General Jeff Sessions on this? The Sanctuary State bill was signed into law October 5, so it’s not like the AG hasn’t had time to prepare — where’s the pushback??

We need serious federal law enforcement in California where public safety has been greatly reduced because of illegals allowed to run wild and the crime magnet that sanctuary creates.

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