A Young Immigration Lawyer Tells Us What Floats His Boat!
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A few days back, the big Long Island paper Newsday published an editorial [Immigration a key campaign issue, August 29, 2008] wherein they gave the usual "We were born yesterday, so don't confuse us with facts" party-line for amnesty:
[We] should lay out a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants already in the country. That's just too many people to realistically detain or deport.
While pondering the Newsday editors' collective wisdom, I happened to notice one of the ads gracing the same web page (maybe not still up when you venture there):
Fight Deportation/Removal Law Firm fights for those facing deportation. Free Consultation www.Fight-Deportation.com
Turns out the ad is for a small (I hope!) immigration-law firm, Rion Latimore Esq. LLC, with offices in Cincinnati (513-293-1119) and Minneapolis (612-605-3203), or email address [email protected] for both. Among other things, the home page breezily informs us that, "It is important to be educated when fighting for your right to remain in the United States."

The somewhat grammar-and-punctuation-challenged firm summarizes its inspiring mission as follows:

Our mission is simple, to help people. If an immigration judge has found that you are properly removable or deportable from the United States we can help you. If you have been convicted of a crime and the Department of Homeland Security is attempting to have you deported then we can help you. If you overstayed your visa, are here illegally, or were deported but you are looking to return to the U.S., then we can help you.

We practice mainly in the areas of Immigration appeals in front of the Board of Immigration Appeals, United States Courts of Appeals, and defending people appearing before Immigration Judges who have been convicted of crimes or who have immigration law violations, and who the government is seeking to have deported. We also now are aiding aliens who have been deported file waivers to return to the United States and their families, as quickly as possible.

Mr. Latimore provides his heart-warming personal story here. Highlight: "Mr. Latimore fell in love with defending criminal deportees and immigrants who were facing removal." One wonders, from both the story and its accompanying photo, whether he has ever had a serious thought in his life.

Why not see for yourself, using the contact information above? Ask young Rion to expound on aliens' "right to remain in the United States"!

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