Could Florida become our Camp of the Saints?
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Amnesty International USA is urging its followers to send an email to President Obama to thank him for granting amnesty to ALL illegal aliens that are residing in the U.S. if they are from Haiti. The text of the letter is as follows:
Online Action Center

Thank President Obama for Helping Haitians Help Haiti

Thank President Obama for granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS), a form of protection provided to foreign nationals whose countries have experienced environmental disasters, to ensure that Haitians in the US can work and provide support to their families in Haiti.

Subject: Thank you for Granting Temporary Protected Status to Haitians

Thank you for granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to eligible Haitians in the United States and your quick reaction in pledging much needed humanitarian, technical and financial support to the devastated nation of Haiti. The Department of Homeland Security's temporarily halting all deportations to Haiti is also a welcome step. However, there has been no decision to suspend the policy of interdiction at sea, which poses specific risks to Haitians who flee as a last resort and may be in need of international protection due to persecution or other serious human rights violations. Haitians fleeing persecution or other serious human rights violations have the right to seek protection in the US, but in flagrant violation of international law, they are routinely stopped on the high seas by the Coast Guard and returned to Haiti.

Statements made by Secretary Napolitano upon the announcement of TPS on Friday make clear that this policy will continue. Protecting the human rights of Haitians requires suspension of the interdiction policy.

Thank you again for the TPS decision made yesterday, and for the rapid mobilization of the US government to deliver lifesaving humanitarian assistance to Haiti.

In addition to the big thank you, Obama is asked to grant amnesty too all Haitian refugees entering the U.S. illegally by boats. or other means. The letter also urges Obama to order the U.S. Coast guard not to interdict any Haitians that are coming to the U.S.

If Obama orders the U.S. Coast Guard to stop all interdictions of Haitian refugees, will they also be instructed not to profile, and if so how will they be able to stop anyone headed to the U.S. by boat?

For those Floridians who have never read Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail, buy it at the Social Contract library. The book is a novel but may be a prophecy about the future of Florida or any other coastal area within reach of Haiti's desperate and hungry refugees.

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