Amnesty Protest In Phoenix — And The Pepper Spray Stories
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By now many of you have heard about the violence that occurred during a pro-amnesty, anti Sheriff Joe Arpaio protest in Phoenix. Plenty of news articles are circulating about what happened, so I'm not going to repeat the story here. Oddly enough, so far about the only place that has accurate information on what happened is on Huffington Post titled "Protest Against America's Toughest Sheriff Turns Violent in Arizona".

Here's my take on a few videos about what happened.

TV CBS5 really blew it on the day of the incident. They downplayed the event. In the opening a reporter says: "10,000 people attended and it was peaceful except for a minor incident." What an understatement! Sigh, even Linda Ronstadt came to promote open borders — and she even sang some sour notes.

NBC12 had a long report on the protest — but they didn't even mention the pepper spray incident!

A day after the January 16 incident TV ABC15 didn't do much better. The video was portrayed protesters as innocent victims.

Oh well, there is always YouTube. This one is propaganda put online by the group that provoked the entire incident: "The Anarchists". It doesn't show the fact that the female police officer was surrounded by the agitators, or that one of them punched her horse in the face, and didn't show that they were prodding the horse with flag poles. None of the scenes where they threw things like rocks at the police were shown either. The video would also give the impression that the "police brutality" was carried out by Arpaio's sheriffs instead of the Phoenix police. Having said all of that, the video is way better than anything the mainstream news media did.

Here is another YouTube video by the Anarchists. It's shows a young Latino boy that was screaming and crying because he got the spray in his eyes. What the video fails to show is that the kid just happened to be where the breeze blew the cloud of pepper spray. It's sort of sad that a kid got involved, but I have been warning about the use of children by the Reconquistas before. Their tactics remind me of the way Palestinian terrorists use kids to make the Israelis look bad.

On December 1st I wrote in "Anarchists disrupt ASU interview with Arpaio":

Lately at protests there has been a trend for the Latinos to bus in young Mexican kids from Catholic elementary schools. Some of them even came with their screaming mothers.
On March 27, 2009 I wrote in: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Back In Guadalupe, AZ
I was surprised how many young kids were protesting. How pathetic is that? Some group called Puente was supposed to send an army of kids, but their kiddie crowd was far short of that. Apparently the open border commies are starting to realize that they aren’t going to win on the Arpaio issue. Sending kids to do their dirty work is a desperation measure. I suspect they recruited the anchor babies from a local Catholic church.
Oh, and be sure to watch an Anarchist towards the end of that video as he helps a dumb 15 year old white kid that caught some of the spray in his eyes — and see for yourself why I'm comparing the Anarchists to terrorists. If you want to know more about The Anarchists go to their web page—Phoenix Anarchist Coaltion.

It's important to understand that The Anarchists are a bunch of white kids while the Reconquistas are Latinos. They are two different groups that are brothers in arms.

Now for a confession — my article is biased. I presumed that the Phoenix cops were defending themselves from troublemakers and radicals. I'm also a self confessed supporter of Arpaio's immigration enforcement. Just to be true and balanced may I present this YouTube video of their side of the story called: "Phoenix Police Pepper Spray Protestors".

Are these guys scary or what?

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