Cotton Uses "Brat Playbook" In Arkansas, GOP Consultants Getting Message?
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Following the example of Scott Brown in the New Hampshire Senate race, another case of a GOP candidate taking a leaf out of the "Brat Playbook"—
Rep. Tom Cotton's race to unseat Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor has been called the GOP's best chance to flip an incumbent Democratic seat in November's midterm elections, and Cotton's latest TV ad hits a possible Democratic weak spot: immigration.

"Sen. Mark Pryor voted for amnesty, citizenship for illegals. Pryor voted against a border fence three times. And now Pryor ignores the crisis," an announcer says in the ad. He is followed by a clip of Pryor telling a TV anchor, "We have a much more secure border today than we did 10 years ago."

Rep. Cotton Challenges Sen. Pryor's Weakness on Immigration, by Greg Richter,, Aug 5 2014

The interesting thing here is that both Scott Brown and Tom Cotton are suspect—Brown because he actually is what used to be called a liberal Republican, Cotton because of his immigration enthusiast neoconservative supporters. The reader who sent me this clip comments cynically:
Since Cotton has been endorsed by Larry Kudlow, Steve Moore & Jennifer Rubin, this suggests that he's not doing well in internal polls.
Maybe—but it also suggests that candidates, and even more amazingly their consultants, are getting the message: immigration patriotism wins.
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