Coren & Spencer: Muslims Attempt to Silence Historian
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The latest episode of Michael Coren and Robert Spencer’s update on hostile Islamists contains a reminder that more Muslims in a society means less free speech. In fact, anyone saying the slightest critical thing about Islam is apt to get shortened rapidly around the neck area. A historical investigation that does not agree precisely with the Koran is likely to put its author on the jihad hit list.

As has happened to historian Tom Holland who produced a documentary for Britain’s Channel 4 about the origins of Islam. His film, Islam: The Untold Story (trailer) got 1200 complaints in a week, plus he has received threats to his safety.

Holland’s investigation into Islam found little evidence of the existence of Mohammed, similar to the theme of Robert Spencer’s most recent book Did Muhammad Exist? Holland naively thought that “the origins of Islam are a legitimate subject of historical enquiry” to be probed in the same way he had pursued other subjects. He apparently didn’t understand that questioning the Prophet is blasphemy and may bring calls for death, as happened to Salman Rushdie for a novel about which diverse Muslims disapproved.

The presence of Islam means less freedom and no free speech regarding religion, so the US would be wise to end Muslim immigration before it’s too late.

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