Daily Show Investigates DNC Inclusion
September 07, 2012, 04:43 PM
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Judging from the political spiels emanating from the Democratic Convention, the word “diversity” appears to have fallen from favor. The new expression is “inclusion” which adds a warm and cuddly aspect to the celebration of cultural difference. (The fact that human nature is hard-wired for tribalism matters little when liberal groupthink dictates otherwise.)

So it was interesting to see the uber-lib Daily Show do a segment from the convention titled “Hope and Change 2 — The Party of Inclusion.” In it, activist Democrats congratulated themselves over their tolerant big tent filled with latinos, gays, women, the poor, everyone under the sun, EXCEPT, “gun-totin’ hillbilly tea-partiers,” in the words of one.

I couldn’t get the embed codes to work, so to see the clip check out the revealing (and amusing) video posted on The Daily Show website.

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