Conservatives For Romney
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Both John Derbyshire and Ann Coulter are having warm feelings for Romney over the immigration issue. See Derbyshire's latest podcast [Transcript | MP3] and Ann Coulter on the Ricochet Podcast [MP3]. Coulter is arguing with Peter Robinson of NRO, who seems to be defending Perry over his opposition to the fence, and the instate tuition Perry gave illegals in Texas.

Since there's no transcript of the Coulter argument, I'll quote this from Derbyshire's podcast

As you may have perceived, I'm warming to Mitt Romney. I warmed to him a bit more this week when I read this editorial in the New York Times.

Headline: Romney's Hard Line. The body of the editorial begins, quote: "Mitt Romney, who used to try to sound like a moderate on immigration, has dropped the pretense. On Wednesday, he proudly accepted the endorsement of the anti-immigrant activist Kris Kobach, architect of the nation's most radical immigration crackdowns." End quote.

Now that's funny: I'm an immigrant, as anyone can tell from my voice, yet the couple of times I've met Kris, he's been very pleasant to me. I would never have guessed he's, quote, "anti-immigrant." He didn't seem to bear much hostility to this immigrant.

Kris is not exactly some fringe nutcase, either: he's the Secretary of State for Kansas. (That's a state, you Times editorialists. You go down Broadway a few blocks, hang a right on 34th Street, and keep going.)

The Times editorial is so loopy I can't resist quoting more. Longish quote:

Mr. Romney has flipped and flopped all over on immigration, but in allying himself with Mr. Kobach he has lurched toward the extremist right. [Here comes a quote within the quote, quote:] "Kris has been a true leader on securing our borders and stopping the flow of illegal immigration into this country," Mr. Romney said.

End longish quote. That's the New York Times' notion of an extreme right position: the candidate wants to secure our borders and stop the flow of illegals. Not just right, extreme right.

The Times people haven't finished making your flesh crawl, though. In the next paragraph they say this, quote: "[Kris Kobach is with the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group that wants to reduce legal immigration," end quote.

Heavens to Betsy! Reduce legal immigration? Who ever heard of that? Doesn't this Kobach lunatic know that current levels of immigration are written into the Constitution? Are in fact fundamental principles of the natural world, like the laws of thermodynamics? I'm coming over quite faint. Pass the smelling salts, Jeremy.

This seems unusually non-pessimistic for Derbyshire.

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