Congratulations To The SPLC
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There's a headline you won't see much here, but I really do want to give them credit for recognizing this as a hate crime. Ten black youths charged in hate crime attack
Long Beach Press-Telegram Published on November 1, 2006

Ten youths were arrested, nine of them girls, and charged with a hate-crime attack Tuesday night after allegedly jumping a group of young females and beating them. […]

The victims told police they were walking on the 3800 block of Linden Avenue at about 9:15 p.m. on their way to a haunted house when they were taunted, then jumped and beaten up, Bezart said.

The girls said there was a large group of young black boys and girls gathered in the area as they walked up the street.

When the victims — who are all white — walked by the group, the black youths began taunting them and shouting racial slurs, Bezart said. At some point, the verbal attack turned physical and the victims - believed to be two girls and one adult — sustained substantial injuries, Bezart said.

I'm congratulating them because, first, this is a "Politically Correct Hate Crime" in which the victims are white, and the aggressors black, and second, because it's an actual crime. A lot of the incidents in their Hatewatch are things like leafletting and rallies, which are protected by the First Amendment.


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