Democrats Claim Senate Majority; Lieberman Might Disagree
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Senator George Allen of Virginia just conceded the election to Democrat Jim Webb—according to the MSM, this brings to tally to:

Rep 49 Dem 51

My count is slightly different: Rep 49 Dem 49 Ind 2

They are assuming that both Independent candidates will side with the Democrats...big assumption.

Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut lost his primary election to that Lamont guy and Ms. Rodham-Clinton couldn't endorse Red Ned (as Ann Coulter calls him) fast enough—heck, I think Clinton was behind Lamont during the primary but that's another story.

The Democrats showed absolutely no love-loss or sadness to watch their supposed long-time friend and ally, Joe Lieberman, almost leave the Senate.

Now I'm watching a FOX News press conference with Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin—there is so much smugness surrounding their stage it's a wonder they can breathe. Already they are introducing the new Senate leadership and it gets me thinking...

What if Joe Lieberman (or the other Independent for that matter but for now, just Joe) has this conversation with Reid and Durbin next week:

Harry Reid: Hi Joe, we're so glad you chose to run as an Independent...sorry we couldn't help in your time of need but frankly, we thought you were a lost cause.

Joe Lieberman: Uh-huh.

Harry Reid: We should put that behind us and look to the future.

Joe Lieberman: I am looking toward the future, Harry.

Dick Durbin: So, we can count on your vote next week?

Joe Lieberman: Absolutely, Dick. The way I could count on you guys last week...

Now the numbers are: REP 50 DEM 50

And the drum roll please.....Dick Cheney is the tie breaker!!!

Bye bye, Harry. Bye bye, Dick.

Even if it is only part of my wonderful imagination, it's a start!

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