Communism, Anarchism, Anarcho-Tyranny, and White America
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The other day on Twitter, Morgan Visser, a Communist, claimed:

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His point is that attempts to weaken the state will ultimately only strengthen it, as governmental power will simply become corporate power—which is ultimately more difficult to rein in. Malcolm Harris, a Left-wing anarchist, recently noted the same thing:

Hypothetically at odds, Left-wing anarchists and Marxists of various sorts often see things the same way. For example, here’s Visser and Harris sounding off on ICE:

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But neither Harris or Visser are against violence in the slightest. Here’s Visser on Dinesh D’Souza:

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And here is Harris recommending that Communists beat up Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance staff:

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From one side of their mouth, Leftists sound the alarm about tyranny coming from the Right, the state, and the free-market. From the other side of their mouth, they advocate violence against just about everyone they dislike. Project Veritas is a “private goon squad,” but antifa shutting down American Renaissance conferences are heroes. The government hiring people to enforce immigration laws is tyranny, but using government courts to prosecute said enforcement agents is not.

This why the title a particular Leftist assigns himself (e.g. Marxists, anarchist, etc.) is largely immaterial. In the end, they are all promoters of what the late Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny.” The government is to dole out tyranny to some, and allow the privilege of anarchy to others. Who gets tyranny and who gets anarchy is determined by Carl Schmitt’s friend/enemy distinction, “to which political actions and motives can be reduced.” Poor non-whites are friends, and should be allowed to wander across borders as they see fit. Whites who believe in biology are enemies, and should be beaten up.

What role the state plays in all of this is entirely utilitarian; never philosophically consistent. James Burnham wrote in Congress and the American Tradition, “the worst government is the one that in relation to its own citizens is absolutely weak or absolutely strong, no-government or all-government: that is, an anarchic or a totalitarian society. The well-being of the organism is destroyed by either starvation or gluttony.” Burnham was correct, and what the Left seeks to do is both at the same time—hence, “anarcho-tyranny.” And the “organism” Burnham refers to is us, white America.

We would do well to adopt the same policy. Consistency in political and philosophical views in the abstract is overrated. My beliefs are those that will in practice consistently defend white America—and yours should be too.


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