Comments Are Being Heard
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The Washington Post has a professional journalist  named Doug Feaver who's hired to read the comments on their stories, for a section called "dot.comments ."He can't help noticing that the comments on the Arizona law are heavily pro-American.
Our Readers Who Comment mostly applaud a Washington Post-ABC News poll finding that most Americans support the new Arizona law giving police there the power to check the residency status of suspected illegal immigrants. About the same percentage say they would support giving illegals the right "to live here legally if they pay a fine and meet other requirements."

Those who support the Arizona law are dominating the comment board, which is lengthening by the minute. Several call for punishing employers who knowingly hire illegals. One assertion that must corrected is that only those who live in the Washington area were polled. In fact, this was a national poll on many subjects. The specific questions and results can be seen here.

As pollster Jon Cohen and Tara Bahrampour write, "One unifying immigration concern is the widespread perception that the federal government is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from coming into the country. Overall, 75 percent of those polled fault border enforcement, and 83 percent support using National Guard troops to patrol the U.S.-Mexico line."[More]


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