Comment Sections Prove Readers Aren't Falling For MSM Illegal Alien Sob Stories
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As a clue to what GOP voters actually think, as opposed to what the Ruling Classwants them to think, I direct your attention to the case of Pablo Villavicencio, an illegal alien from Ecuador.

Villavicencio broke into our country some years ago, was discovered living here illegally, and given a court order to leave voluntarily. That — the court order — was in 2010.

Instead of obeying the court order, Villavicencio just went on living here. Not only that, he got married to an American woman and begat two children, girls currently aged three and two. ICE meanwhile issued a warrant for his arrest because he'd ignored the court order.

Well, June 1st this illegal, who works as a fast-food delivery man, brought an order to soldiers at Fort Hamilton, an Army base in Brooklyn. The base guard ran a background check before admitting him, as he is required to do for base security. He found the ICE warrant and notified them, and now Villavicencio is being held at an ICE lockup in New Jersey.

He should of course have been deported by now, eight years after having been ordered to leave; but a lefty judge — actually an Obama-appointed lesbian — granted him a stay of deportation and a court hearing for July 20th.

This case has generated a tsunami of immigration sentimentality in local media here in New York. When is daddy coming home? screeched the front page of the New York Daily News June 7th, following up the next day in an even bigger front-page font — their biggest from the look of it — howling Disgrace to Our Country.

Excuse me, guys, but if foreign vagrants can wander over our border, settle here, take employment, ignore the orders of our courts, marry and start a family with no paperwork at all, then HOW IS THIS STILL OUR COUNTRY?

It's not just the Daily News, it's all the local media. News 12 Long Island, my own local news outlet, has been running weepy little segments about scofflaw Villavicencio and of course the kiddies, the kiddies.

If you go to the News 12 website and look up those stories, though, the first-order comments — not the comebacks to them, just the level-one comments — are uniformly hostile to Villavicencio. Sample, quote: "His wife should face charges of harboring a fugitive and he needs to be deported," end quote.

That kind of gives the game away. The New York Post, while by no means — by no means — a dissident-right publication, is at least not crazy-left, like the News and the New York Times. I have it on good authority that the editorial-page manager strives to balance readers' opinions in the Letters columns in proportion to the letters that actually come in. I was therefore curious to see what letters looked like on the Villavicencio case.

The first batch of readers' letters was printed on Monday. Five letters, none of them sympathetic to Villavicencio.

Thursday there was a second batch: six letters, three expressing qualified sympathy, the other three clearly anti-scofflaw.

Balance of opinion so far: Eight out of eleven want the guy deported, three out of eleven don't.

Five years ago I wrote a piece for titled "If There Is Hope, It Lies In The Comment Threads." Maybe I was on to something.

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