Coming to HBO: Evil Becky Proposes IQ Test to Disenfranchise the Diverse
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Coming to HBO: Emma Thompson plays a Mrs. Thatcher-like white woman who becomes Prime Minister on a platform of making Brits take an IQ test to qualify to vote. This dystopian plot disgusts The Good People, who are Diverse.

Here on Wikipedia is the plot of the first half of the series, including:

Vivienne Rook has proposed that anybody with an IQ of less than 70 is barred from voting.

Can’t get more shocking than that!

Here’s some classic dialogue written by the screenwriter of Years and Years, Russell T. Davies, for his 1993 show for children, Children’s Ward:

Jason Lloyd: You must be a poof if you’ve got AIDS.

Richard Higgs: I’m not gay, and I haven’t got AIDS; I’m HIV positive. But just for the sake of an argument let’s say I was homosexual. Would it matter? What difference would it make?

Jason: [You’d] fancy me, wouldn’t you?

Richard: There’s not a boy, girl, man, or woman alive who could possibly fancy you. Look around. Where’s this queue of people dying to ask you out? They don’t exist, Jason, because you’re stupid, you’re bigoted, and you don’t matter one little bit.

— Russell T Davies, C hildren’s Ward, 1993[25]

So there!

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