Colorado Springs Mass Murder: Hispanic Victims, But Is It An IMMIGRANT Mass Murder...Or A Black One?
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Earlier From Colorado: Another Muslim (Immigrant) Mass Murder

A story about the recent mass murder in Colorado Springs has a photo, seen in the Tweet below saying

Freddy Marquez comforts his wife, Nubia Marquez, near the scene where her mother and other family members were killed in a mass shooting early Sunday morning in Colorado Springs, Colorado on May 9, 2021. Police believe that the shooter was one of those that was dead. The shooting happened around 12:20 a.m. on Preakness Way inside the Canterbury Manufactured Home Community off of Powers Blvd.

The Canterbury Manufactured Home Community is largely but not exclusively Hispanic, and the mass murder, still unnamed, was according to reports "Known as Junior".

We still haven't been told his actual name, his race (they never will say, but they generally release a name and photo) or, if he's Hispanic, his immigration status.

  • Reasons for suspecting he's Hispanic: everyone in the family is.
  • Reasons for suspecting he's black: named Junior, committed mass murder.
  • Reasons for suspecting he's white: better marksmanship, as shown by killing rather than wounding victims, than you usually see in black mass shootings.

And finally, one reason for suspecting he's not white: if he were, they would have told us by now.

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