Mexican Cartels Ratchet Up Their Human Trafficking Operations
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Ever wonder what open borders enable?

Human trafficking for one.

In our overly commoditized society where no one even bothers to ponder the long-term social consequences of mass migration, we slowly start seeing the unraveling of a nation that once had a strong sense of sovereignty.

Recognizing that America is a shopping mall with very little desire to police its border, external actors like Mexican drug cartels are licking their chops at the prospect of turning the US into a human trafficking highway.

Breitbart News laid out some cold, hard truths about Mexican cartels’ efforts to expand human trafficking:

One of Mexico’s most powerful and violent cartels branched into the lucrative business of human smuggling. Law enforcement officials identified several routes used by Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) to eventually move migrants across the U.S. border.

Breitbart Texas consulted with U.S. law enforcement officials operating in Mexico, as well as Mexican military sources who agree CJNG is actively operating human smuggling routes from Mexico’s southern border to Texas. While CJNG is linked to a large part of the violence in central and western Mexico over control of lucrative drug production territories and corridors, the incursion into the human smuggling went largely unnoticed for a while, a U.S. law enforcement source tells Breitbart Texas.

In recent years, CJNG made a push for control of Cancun, which is also one of Mexico’s busiest shipping ports. The fight for Cancun also includes a human smuggling and trafficking route into Mexico where migrants from various countries enter via air or seaport.

[EXCLUSIVE: Mexico’s Cartel Jalisco New Generation Expands into Migrant Smuggling, by Ildefonso Ortiz, Brandon Darby, & Gerald Tony Aranda, Breitbart, May 7, 2021]

There you have it, folks. Mexican cartels are slowly carving up the US like a Jack-O-Lantern. The modern-day woke state is a mind virus bereft of any sensible form of statecraft. Under this post-national paradigm, concepts like border security and law enforcement are viewed as vestiges of a racist society that must be completely repudiated.

The globohomo order is all about promoting nation-destroying mass migration policies all in the name of boosting the GDP. Though, I will say this: The joke will be on the globalist class.

Let enough retrograde migrants into the US and cartels will soon have a massive lumpenproletariat army at their command. There will perhaps be a point in a not-too distant, dystopian future where hordes of non-whites revolt against the oligarchical class that engorged itself at the trough of cheap labor. There’s always a price to be paid for those who commit treason against their nation.

This is one future that could be avoided if America enacts an immigration moratorium.


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